What People are Saying

I fully endorse Peter Karl Youngren. I have worked closely with him for the past seven years and in that time I've seen him to be a person of character and integrity. He is a man of compassion, particularly for the elderly, and conviction. Peter Karl has a special skill of gathering people together for the benefit of public good. He is destined to play an effective and successful role in the public life of the City of Toronto.
Cam Wasson
Former Mayor (1977-1981)
City of Peterborough, ON
It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Peter Karl Youngren. I have been fortunate to work with Peter Karl on a variety of projects such as, Character Matters Week, 4LF's Green Team Initiative and their Leadership Training. He has made significant contributions and support to programming at Senator O'Connor College School.

Peter Karl is dynamic, approachable, generous and a well-spoken individual. He is always ready to lend a hand with our safe school initiatives and has been our keynote speaker at assemblies. His dynamic presentations capture the attention of both staff and students.

I believe that Peter Karl is able to sustain professional, successful relationships with youth through the B4L Program because his sincere attitude constantly shines. His enthusiasm in making a difference in the community and in people's lives is refreshing and much-needed.
Juliana Lombardi
Senator O'Connor College School
Don Mills, ON
Peter Karl is a tireless and thoughtful individual who cares deeply about the community. This became readily apparent to me when we first met at the Community Mobilization Course at the Toronto Police College in March 2009.

Since that time we've had the opportunity to explore how we might be able to work together and use your dedication, organizational skills and most of all, your concern for humanity to launch a program that will help at-risk seniors in North York. There are so many that need your help and I look forward to working together with you to establish this very worthwhile program.
George Laceby
Former City Councillor
North York, ON
Peter Karl is truly an exceptional individual. With an underlying foundation of strong values, he works tirelessly for his local community. Through his extensive travels and studies around the world, he understands the bigger picture. Peter Karl easily mobilizes others in a positive way to improve existing social support structures or to develop new ones where needed. He is a man of integrity, action, intelligence, logic and incredible inner strength.
Helen Harakas
Executive Director, Windfall